A platform for Live Artists to skill up, meet, understand and match with businesses. Innovative creative and eco-systemic holistic vision of economic networks and the geographies of reception. A Solidarity ToolKit for Live Artists Survival in Italy that can create and generete pathways of interoperability. Centring Live Arts in the Creative and Cultural industries as devices/drivers towards multichannel revenue opportunities. Italy has to strengthen its cultural economy so to develop and join in the conversation. This will help to become present it to the culture European Map as a toolkit for policy development and network.
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Our Case
Arts2Business for cultural and creative industries is a project that aims to activate processes of inclusion, collaboration, shared knowledge, innovative partnerships, involvement of professionals working in the field of live arts as small and independent artists, and creatives. Enhance long-term solutions where expertise and good practices can become solid pathways and drivers of a shared economy. Rooted in resilience and solidarity, A2B wants to be a platform both virtual and human where independent live artists and business can meet to create and generate survival and mutual support.
A2B is a ToolKit, it operates as a matching space, upskills artists to develop transversal skills that can be fundamental to businesses. A2B generates multipathways financial tools grounded in ecosystemic and holistic practices keeping in mind the geography of space and place, artists and business. Education, glocal practices, operability of technological visions and implementations. A2B wants to develop policies and be present in the conversations that can make a long-lasting change for the Live Arts Cultural and Creative Industry of Italy with the objective of European Inclusion and Innovation.
The Pandemic and the aftermath of COVID19 left Italian live artists and cultural organisation with little to no funding. In some cases, artists translated their work adapting it for web and streaming usage of which a small percentage gained revenue from it. Yet, culture and creativity during the lockdown were "spaces of survival" that kept all of us alive and emotionally enriched. COVID19 brought forwards the reality of the Italian cultural sector and its lack of a system of protection, development, integration and revenue of such.

"Creating long term solution of arts and business integration with innovative financial instruments"


A2B ToolKit for Live Arts and Business

An ecosystemic holistic approach to bridge nurture develop creative cultural and revenue partnership in Italy towards Europe.
How does it work:

For Artists
We look at your work in all aspects
We engage with your practice
We suggest pathways.
We match you with a business or create a way to support long-lasting revenue.

For Business
We assess the business culture
We look at internal pathways that generate revenue
We develop and inform on financial instruments that can be obtained in collaboration with an artists
We support you in the process of matching you with an artist.

For Administrations
Cultural design - invite us to visit your Village Town or Quarter and we will map, develop and implement a sustainable pathways that coadiuvate live arts business and tourism.


Our ispiration

In a Pan-European geography Business to Arts is a well established practice that supports the artists and business to create alliances and support. Italy does not have this approach.

We got inspired by other European cases and we want to bring the flow of culture in business to Italy.

Thanks to Enrico Pastore, critic of performance and theatre, we realised that this must be done now!
Pastore is capturing through articles the Italian situation called "Lo Stato delle Cose", we want to be able to translate it and to share it. It is an important study on the Italian cultural industry.

We developed our thought when directing Theatre Espace and becoming Espace Productions.

and creating Moving Bodies Festival Butoh and Live Arts. A festival dedicated to independent live performers

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